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Condensation Articles

Frost in the Attic

Attics of unfinished homes with no insulation often get damp after raining heavily. Homeowners usually install a kerosene heater to dry this particular area of the house. Despite this, there are instances when frost accumulates in the rafters and roof sheathing. If this happens, homeowners should realize that they have a serious problem on their hands.

What Causes Window Condensation and How to Prevent Them

Some homeowners are perplexed when they find moisture or condensation forming on branded windows that cost thousands of dollars to purchase and install. While most homeowners blame the material on their windows, the real underlying cause could be more complicated than one might think.

Finding the Reason for Condensation Concerns

You will probably be surprised to learn that condensation is one of the most common reasons for mildew. It can be due to various reasons, most of which are related to the movement of air in your home.

Water Condensation and Your New Windows

You just spent thousands of dollars on new windowpanes that really made a stunning change in your living room. However, after only a few days you begin to notice the glass fogging up. Worse, you also observe water dripping from the pane edges and onto your floor. What a disaster! The following discusses possible causes to this issue as well as recommended solutions for remediation.

New Home

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