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Interior Framing Tips to Minimize Interior Finishing Issues

An important aspect in building a home occurs during interior framing. A poor job at this stage can result to serious problems and headaches for finishing carpenters. The following are basic tips that can improve the quality of interior framing, which can guarantee an excellent interior finish. Some of these techniques are so essential that it would be wise for homeowners to include these requirements in building plans and construction specifications of their new house.

It would be advisable to minimize the use of the traditional framing lumber. Although these are good materials, exposure to the atmosphere and acclimatization can cause deformation in the wood. Using twisted or bowed lumber for interior framing will result to wavy walls and panels.

Use steel wall studs as interior framing materials. Steel is sturdier and will not deform or change shapes. Perfectly flat walls can be achieved particularly in hallways and stairwells where moldings and staircases should be installed perfectly. It would cost a little extra but the long-term benefits would be worth it.

Specially engineered lumber can be an excellent alternative if you do not want to use steel framing. These types of lumber are manufactured straight and will not be easily affected by acclimatization or temperature as ordinary lumber would.

If steel framing is to be used, solid lumber blocking should be added to the steel at specified heights. These will serve as anchor for wall stud locations when cabinets and fixtures are to be installed. These slabs of blocking will ensure that solid lumber is present when holes are drilled. Work with the builders on the dimensions for your fixtures, like toilet paper holders or towel bars, so the proper height and location of these blocking are followed.

Homeowners should double check locations of the blocking, particularly for plumbing and electrical fixtures. It would be best to take photographs before drywalls are installed to serve as future reference in locating these blockings.

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