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Finding the Reason for Condensation Concerns

You will probably be surprised to learn that condensation is one of the most common reasons for mildew. It can be due to various reasons, most of which are related to the movement of air in your home.

Condensation Explained

Since condensation forms when hot air comes into contact with a surface, either metal or glass, whose temperature is below dew point, you can certainly expect such event in your home when you decide to make any changes to your heating or cooling system.

For instance, if you recently installed a fireplace that is vent-free, you will be adding heat to the indoor environment and could encourage condensation. Another reason could be due to simple installation of new sidings in your windows. With the cold air being prevented from coming in, the humidity in your home can rise resulting to condensation.

Sometimes a home's crawl space can be the culprit why there is condensation which encourages the growth of mildew. The soil in the crawl space may appear dry but still releases an ample amount of water vapor in your home. To prevent water vapor from seeping in, you should consider installing excellent quality vapor barriers such as those made from virgin polyethylene.

Lastly, you should also check the quality of your windows for it could be the reason for the increased condensation activity. Experts recommend that you choose windows which passed manufacturing standards.

Solution to Condensation Problems

Condensation can be a big problem if you do not know why it is forming. Once you have determined the reason, you can easily find a way to address it. The trick is to find an expert who knows how to tackle this particular concern effectively and efficiently. Doing it yourself might not be a good idea unless you have sound advice from a professional.

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