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Basic Information on the Use of Solar Energy

The rising cost of energy are creating burdens for the average American struggling to keep his home as comfortable as can be. Heating, cooling and electricity can drain significant amounts of energy, which is translated into higher bills.

Recent advancements in the use of solar energy have made it possible for homeowners to generate power and electricity right in their own homes. More efficient solar panels can harness solar power and convert it for practical use in heating and electricity.

The development in solar energy technology made it possible for solar equipment like solar panels called photovoltaic cells to be produced smaller and more affordable. Areas with good sun coverage are known to utilize these solar cells and can save up to a hundred percent in their electrical bills.

Solar power is readily available and can be utilized free. On top of that, solar power produces no contaminants or pollutants that can harm the environment, unlike the pollution that is caused by the use of fossil fuels like petroleum and coal.

There are two types of energy system that can be derived from solar energy and can be used for residential purposes.

Solar-powered Electrical System

  • A photovoltaic system can create electricity that is directly fed to an electrical appliance or gadget and can be used in real time. An example is a solar-power exhaust fan that can remove the heat from an attic.
  • Electrical power drawn from solar energy can be stored in batteries, which can be used later when the sun is not available like during nighttime.
  • Excess electrical power can be sent back into the electrical power grid. If this is the case, the homeowner should coordinate first with the electrical company.

Solar-powered Heating System

  • This system is used to heat up air and water inside a home. There are two types of systems available - the open loop and the closed-loop systems.
  • The open loop system is used to heat water in areas without the danger of freezing. Actual water is directly connected to the solar heating device.
  • A closed-loop system uses a primary liquid contained in a piping system. This liquid will be directly heated by the solar heaters. Heat exchangers would then transfer the heat from this liquid to the water supply lines. This system is used when freezing can occur.

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