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Covering Your Home Foundation with Stucco

An exposed concrete or concrete block foundation is not very pleasing to look at. If you want to make it more attractive, cover it with stucco.

Prepare the Needed Materials

You can easily obtain high grade materials from a brick dealer or building supply store for less than $100. Prepare the following:

  • Portland cement
  • hydrated lime
  • different types of clean sand
  • cement board

Clean the Foundation Surface

Use a pressure washer to remove deeply embedded dirt and silt. Alternatively, you can use a regular garden hose and a nozzle coupled with some hard scrubbing, but this would involve a lot of effort.

Mixing the Stucco

  • mix one part Portland cement, three parts medium sand, and one-half part hydrated lime.
  • Blend damp or dry sand with cement and lime until you achieve a consistent texture and color.
  • Add clean water to the mixture until the consistency becomes similar to bricklaying mortar
  • Form the stucco into a ball and set it on a flat surface. Adjust the amount of water if it loses shape.

Making Cement Paint and Applying the Stucco

  • mix Portland cement powder with water until the cement resembles paint.
  • mist the cement board with water
  • brush cement paint on the board
  • Before the paint dries, use a steel trowel to apply the stucco. Use curved strokes.
  • If the stucco does not stick, then the mixture may be too dry

Designing the Stucco

Be creative. Using a stiff brush, you can stipple the stucco. You can even decorate it with colored stones, or dab it with the trowel for a different texture.

Now, look at the stucco design from afar to know how it will look like from your road or yard. If you like what you see, then start installing!

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