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Doing Home Inspection When Buying a New Home

When you are looking for a home to buy, the persons most qualified to help you are your realtor and your home inspector. But ultimately, you will be the one to decide. Here are some tips to help you make your home inspection and buying decisions.

Look at Several Houses First

Do not let your feelings overcome your judgment when looking at homes. Check several houses first so that you could make comparisons. You might be surprised that the second or third house you inspect has better features and a better price than the first one you fell in love with.

Do Your Own Home Inspection

Getting a licensed home inspector to check every house you want to see could be costly. You can do your own casual home inspection. There are checklists available to guide you what things to see and what defects to determine. Here are some tips:

  • Check the ceilings, walls and floors for cracks.
  • Write anything that catches your attention, such as stains or mildew.
  • Check if there is moisture on the basement floor.

Home Inspector

The most objective party when you are buying a home is the home inspector. He is just there to make the inspection. He gets paid whether the home is sold or not. On the other hand, your broker naturally wants to make a sale. He will respond to all your questions in ways that persuade you to buy the home.

The Best Home Inspector You Can Afford

  • Do not choose a home inspector referred by the broker. Your broker might just be trying to be helpful, but there is conflict of interest there.
  • Choose a licensed home inspector who has been certified by a respected home inspection association.
  • Choose the more detailed home inspection if the inspector offers different inspection packages.

Opt-out in the Offer to Purchase

When finally the home you want passes home inspection standards, remember to include an opt-out statement in your purchase offer. Include in the document that you can opt out of the purchase contract with all your money refunded if there is effort to conceal a big problem in the house.