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Guidelines for Successfully Installing Insulation

Insulation is an important part of any home. Though it may seem complicated, installing insulation is plain and simple and can be done without any professional help. It does not require any special equipment that cannot be usually found in a household.

However, minor problems can likely be experienced during the installation. Whether you will be installing insulation by yourself or with the help of professional, certain guidelines must be followed. Read the following tips to prevent unnecessary installation problems:

1. Installing insulation does not require complicated and very modern equipment. Most of the tools needed are found in your own home. The most basic tools necessary in installing insulation are the following:

  • tape measure
  • utility knife
  • stapler
  • straight edge
  • insulation knife

2. It is advisable to wear body protection when installing insulation. Minor accidents might be encountered during the installation. Work gloves, light and long sleeved shirt, protective glasses or goggles, and dust mask should be enough.

3. Have enough preparation before opening fiberglass insulation. The material is compressed during installation so it expands when you open it. It expands by as much as 1000 percent.

4. In areas that contain wires, split the insulation before installing so as to fully cover the wires. That way, you can prevent gaps behind the insulation. Otherwise, the insulation might not be able to expand completely.

5. Carefully install insulation around doors and windows so as to completely cover the gaps between the frame and the rough opening. However, avoid packing the gap too tightly. This can lead to the insulation losing insulating capacity as the frame has a tendency to bulge.

6. Use baffles for blown-in insulations in the attic. The air from the eaves must be allowed to go through the insulation in the space between the roof and outside walls.

7. Do not place a vapor barrier on the ceiling. Water vapor must be let out of the house through the attic.

Any homeowner can install their own insulation, and others may opt to hire a professional. Which ever way of installing you choose, following these guidelines can assure you of a successful installation of home insulation.