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Prevent Plywood and Rough Lumber Damage Due to Poor Attic Ventilation

Check if your attic ventilation has adequate ventilation. Poor ventilation in the attic causes moisture to accumulate, exposing your rough lumber and plywood installations to moisture. Moisture is a key element in the growth of wood rot.

Air Circulation in the Attic During Warm Weather

A well-ventilated attic allows the air to circulate within the attic. Ventilation will keep the moisture in the air balanced. It also keeps the attic temperature in synch with the exterior temperature. If there is inadequate ventilation, air in the attic does not properly circulate. It becomes warm and makes the attic heated. The attic air then loses its ability to keep moisture in its vapor state. Moisture is produced, freely absorbed by the plywood or rough lumber used in the attic and in other parts of the house.

Air Circulation in the Attic During Cold Weather

In cold weather, air inside the attic usually has the same temperature with air outside the house. The plywood or rough lumber structure will also have the same temperature. The problem begins when air in other indoor parts of the house flows to the attic. This entering air is usually higher in temperature. When this air accumulates inside the attic, it will condense. The resulting moisture will be absorbed by the plywood or rough lumber pieces and will start to rot.

Solutions to Air Circulation Problems

Here are some ways to maintain adequate air circulation in the attic and prevent moisture problems:

1. Install ventilation strips in your soffits. Soffits provide ways for air to easily enter the attic. Ventilation strips would further smooth the way for air to make its upward flow to the attic.

2. Put baffles in place to prevent attic insulation from blocking air flow. Baffles provide a channel where air can freely flow from the soffits to the attic.

3. Incorporate ridge vents in the roof structure. Ridge vents provide a channel where air from the attic flows outside. The ridge vents, baffles and soffits comprise a good attic ventilation system.

4. Adequate roof ventilation systems can also help your attic maintain good air circulation.