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Using Structural Trusses

Nowadays, a structural engineer with the aid of some sophisticated software can customize your roof truss for you. There are many truss designs, some of which are highly specialized, and some of which you do not even need. Here are a few you can choose from.

What are Trusses

Trusses are pre-made, triangular wooden structures which are used to support your roof. They are very easy to move and can be installed quickly.

Attic Truss

A standard truss is not really advisable for the attic. It just creates a space which cannot be used for storage since it would not be able to handle a huge weight. An attic truss, also known as a storage truss, would give you this benefit.

Attic trusses have become very popular because they give you the extra space you need. Any building can have attic truss designs.

You may not only use the extra area as storage, you can even use the extra space as a play room, office, entertainment center or lounge area. The possibilities are endless with a little creativity.

If you do not have much room in your attic, you can choose from a variety of trusses:

The Scissors Truss

A scissors truss has a good framing speed similar to standard trusses, and also has the added advantage of giving you an interior sloped ceiling. When you use this type of truss, the slope of the exterior roof surface controls the interior ceiling slope. All you have to do is provide the builder with the exterior roof pitch that you want and the roof span. You can also ask the structural engineer to increase the interior slope if possible. After you agree on all dimensions, the software will do the rest.

Gable Truss

This is a very simple structure. Gable trusses are the outermost trusses which you can find at the end of the roof. Standard trusses are placed in between.

Other standard configurations of trusses are the M truss and the W truss. Remember, you can mix and match trusses and have them custom-made. Work with a structural engineer to explore all your options.