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A Checklist for Your Own Home Inspection

As you walk through a house for sale that attracted you, you should already be doing your own home inspection. This way, you will save on professional home inspection costs. Hiring a licensed home inspector very early in the process of finding a home is costly, as you usually expect to take a look at several homes.

Have a New Home Inspection or Find a Great Builder

Some homebuyers have discovered to their disgust that there are lots of newly-built homes out there that can not pass even a casual new home inspection.

Doing Home Inspection When Buying a New Home

When you are looking for a home to buy, the persons most qualified to help you are your realtor and your home inspector. But ultimately, you will be the one to decide. Here are some tips to help you make your home inspection and buying decisions.

What to Look For During Existing Home Inspection

An adequate existing home inspection will save you from costly repairs or litigation and from the physical and mental stress of coping with problems you did not directly cause. If you are immediately drawn to a certain existing house, it is best that you look around first and find out if the house has major defects.

What to Do When Home Inspection Goes Wrong

When you later find out that the house you bought has a lot of defects difficult and costly to repair, you would surely blame your home inspector. Why did he fail to see those flaws?

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