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Dealing with Air Conditioners Problems

Experiencing problems with your air conditioner? You will be surprised to learn that there are actually various reasons why your unit is not working as well as it should be. Since proper sizing of the air conditioning unit has been mentioned, it might be a good idea to dwell on other possible causes.

Static Pressure

Air Conditioner

To ensure that the force of the air flow in your air ducts is consistent, static pressure must be managed. In order to avoid experiencing static pressure that could affect the performance of your air conditioner, experts recommend that homeowners check their home’s air ducts. It could mean less static if the air ducts decrease in size as they split and branch out from the primary trunk line.

Aside from the size of the air ducts, you should also pay attention to how they bend. A sudden 90 degree bend actually absorbs energy and will certainly cut down air flow. If possible, minimize bends and turns in the ductwork.

The A- Coil

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Usually hidden behind a sheet metal is one of the coils in your air conditioning system. This particular coil works to cool down circulating air in your home. But because they are hidden, they tend to get really dirty. Consequently, its ability to cool air is diminished significantly. You can clean this coil with polyester or paper filter. If you like, you can even use an electronic filter.

Help Your A/C Unit

If you are concerned about whether your cooling system is stretched to its maximum capacity, you might want to lend a helping hand by installing automatic attic fans. These fans will turn on if the temperature in your ceiling becomes too high and exhaust the hot air outside. This way, your air conditioner will not work as hard to cool the air inside your home.

You can also help your air conditioning unit by continually running your furnace motor. It will allow temperature balance in rooms by following the principle of evaporation. Check your thermostat and you can see that you have the option to turn on the furnace fan.

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