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What You Need to Know About Heat Pumps

Today, most residential homes possess one of the most complex heating equipment --- the heat pump. Their popularity among home builders and land developers can actually be attributed to the fact that they are relatively easy to install.

Compared to the installation of gas lines, these heat pumps will incur less cost because electricity is already available. In addition, there is also no requirement for masonry chimneys.

If you are interested in these heat pumps, you might want to check out the following facts:

1. Complicated Machines

Do not be deceived by the easy installation. These heat pumps are actually considered to be among the most complicated machines in a typical residential home. Without the proper knowledge of their components, controls and actual machinery, you might find yourself making a costly mistake.

The Heat Pump Coil, for instance, is different from what you find in a standard air conditioner. It performs both heating and cooling functions and switches according to the heat pump.

2. Highly Efficient

Heat pumps can actually be more energy-efficient. You can choose to increase surface area or size of the outdoor and indoor coils, allowing heat to quickly move from one direction to another. In addition, you can install speed fans, which can sense air flow movement between the coils.

Today, there are manufacturers who have decided to re-introduce an expansion valve in the heat pump's system to improve the flow of the refrigerant. Other features of the heat pump that improve its efficiency include the Defrost Mode and the Special Thermostat.

3. Heat Pump Mechanics

So how does the heat pump work? You will be surprised to learn that it is actually a very sophisticated machine. It contains switches, filter drier, mufflers, accumulators, isolation plates, efficient fans and plenty of copper tubings and wires.

With just a flip of one switch, it can transfer heat from one source to another. These sources include water, air and ground. The principle behind the heat pump machine is the same regardless of the source but you must be familiar with the type you are dealing with. For this reason, an expert technician will be needed for its installation.

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