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Complementing Home Security Cameras With a DVR

As we all know, we can not monitor the home security cameras every moment of our waking lives. We have many other things to do. Here is where digital video recorders or DVRs take over for us.

DVRs and Security Cameras

The latest models of DVRs have become so powerful they can record images from several home security cameras simultaneously. They also offer various settings to enable you to choose how the recording of the images should be done. Do you like the DVR to record everything that the camera sees every moment of the day? It can. Do you like it to record images only when the camera detects movement? It can too. And if you only want still photos, you can set it to record still shots every preset number of seconds.

DVR Installation

You do not have to hire a technician to set up your DVR and connect it to your home security cameras and to the Internet. Most home security camera and DVR kits provide all the things you need to make the right connections. When you unpack the kit, you will see the security cameras, the DVR, a computer monitor and cables. Just put the cameras where they should be.

Use the cable, usually 60 feet long, to connect the cameras to the DVR. Connect the DVR to the monitor and you can start viewing and recording. If you prefer the advanced features of your TV, link it to your DVR and you can view images in full color. If you already have an Internet-linked PC, just connect your DVR and camera system to your PC to enable you to access your security system from wherever you go.

Remember that your security cameras and DVR are there only to enhance your home security and safety systems. You should not use them to record images that do not concern you in relation to safety and security. Respect other people’s privacy and personal space. With this commitment and with regular maintenance, your security cameras and DVR will serve you for a long time without major problems.

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