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Enhancing Your Home Security With Security Cameras

For some homeowners, security cameras are an addition to their previously installed home security systems. For others, these cameras are the central elements of their security systems. Either way, security cameras enable homeowners to view images of what is happening inside and outside their homes at any moment in time while they are inside the premises or while they are far away from home.

Wireless or Wired?

Wireless home security camera or wired security camera: which is better?

If you need to set up security cameras in places where it is not feasible to lay out thin video cables, then you need to choose the wireless model. You just have to provide the power supply that it needs. Some wireless models use batteries. Others are powered through low-voltage cables by transformers installed nearby.

Wired security cameras use at least two lines for connection. One is for the power supply; the other is for the transmission of video images back to the central monitor or to the video recorder.

Outdoor and Night-Vision Cameras

Home security cameras for outdoor use are clearly labeled for outdoors. Many of the latest models are flexible. They can be used outdoors or indoors. When installing them outdoors, minimize the risk of malfunction from wind and strong rain. Maximize the overhang of the cameras by location or by additional protection.

Choose cameras that have night-vision capabilities and infrared sensors. With these cameras, you can view your surroundings at night. They deliver images taken in the dark in full color to wherever you are.

Camera Features and Options

One is amazed at developments in home security cameras nowadays. And the other thing is they are surprisingly affordable, and even more affordable if you buy them in kits or during the promotion periods. The most popular kits include four color cameras equipped with night vision and motion detection capabilities. They are packed together with an LCD monitor and a DVR that can record up to two months of images. These kits can be linked to your Internet connection to enable you to view images in your premises anywhere you are with your smart phone.

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