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Wood I Joists Facts

One construction material that is gaining popularity is wood I joist. Engineered wood like wood I joists are environmentally safe. The trees where raw lumber come from are planted and harvested in forests that are used commercially because of their suitability for repeated planting. Figures show that the trees planted outnumber those which are harvested. Around 3 million trees are planted everyday, ensuring a sustainable supply of lumber.

This type of engineered wood has similar characteristics with steel I beams and are great for building homes. It is made up of top and bottom flanges which are built from lumber veneer that are glued together.

The flanges of wood I joists are designed to accept a vertical web with 3/8 inch thickness. Such vertical web is made from either plywood or oriented strand board. All glues used in making these materials are safe for exterior exposure throughout the construction activity. One important thing to take note of is that wood I joists must be kept very dry.

You can cut holes in wood I joists. There are also those that are made with pre-cut holes with 2-feet on center spacing which can be used for pipes and wiring. All of these must be utilized whenever possible.

Makers of these beams provide guidelines in cutting big holes for heating and cooling ducts and also for plumbing lines. Remember not to cut any hole through the top and bottom flange. Also, sharp corner holes cause stress on the joist so they should be avoided. All holes cut must be kept rounded.

Using wood I joints ensures quality. They are made according to the standards set by the APA / Engineered Wood Association. It is guaranteed that all wood I joists are consistent in quality for as long as they are stamped with the PRI trademark.

Another good alternative for wood I joists and other traditional joists are wood floor trusses. One advantage of this material is that it easily allows pipes, wires, and the like since the said material is very open. This type of joists can likewise serve every need of your home.

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