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Home Security and Safety and Common Sense

There are lots of things, big and small, that you can do to ensure your home security and safety. But most of them are actually just exercise of common sense. They are in the back of your mind. You just have to take the time to do them.

Home Safety

The subject of home safety is broad. It encompasses the protection of your children and the adults in your family from accidents and your home from fire and other calamities. Here are some reminders about home safety:

  • Place slip and fall prevention devices in the bathroom.
  • Do not leave items on stairs.
  • Check extension cords. Make sure there is no frayed part.
  • Store flammable objects away from water heaters or furnaces.
  • Inspect your overhead doors frequently.
  • Store medicines in places not accessible to children.
  • If you own a gun, put it in a safe.
  • Check that your house has complied with building codes.
  • If you are modifying or adding electrical connections, make sure you have no doubts about you are doing and make sure you are complying with electrical codes.
  • Check for cracks in your walls. These could indicate structural movements that put stress on electrical wires, leading to fires.

Home Security

Home security systems protect you and your family from break-ins, burglaries, vandalism and violent crimes. The following are some reminders about home security:

  • Frequently check window and door locks
  • Consider installing exterior lamps that detect trespassers

As you already know, the best home security and safety strategy is installing a smart home security system. This monitors strange movements in your house and in your premises and will alert the fire department and the police if it senses something is wrong. You can perform a test of this system, but be sure to coordinate the test with your fire and police departments.

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