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Architects and House Plans

Building a home requires several considerations. Two of the most important things to pay particular attention to are the house plans and the architect you will be working with.

House Plans

In any home building project, a quality house plan is important. Without a plan, your house can end up in disaster. It works well both for the contractor and the homeowner. It tells your contractor how to work on the project and helps you avoid additional costs due to change orders and other costly mistakes.

Change orders are one of the nightmares for home builders and home owners as well. From discussions to calculations to the execution of changes, they require time that could have been used for other more important things.

Choosing a Good Architect

A good house plan comes from a good architect. They play a big role in the construction of your home and can actually determine the cost, time and other important factors in building your home. How can you spot one? Here are some tips:

  • Consult your lumber company. Some large companies have in-house estimators. These persons are usually approached by architects to show them their house plans. Hence, these estimators have a mental list of which architects perform their job well and which do not. They can provide you with names of prospect architects.
  • Look for an architect who specializes in house building. Choose someone who can show you previously completed projects.
  • Discuss the possibility of mistakes with your architect. Ask him how errors would be handled. Suggest that full payment will be made only until the project is completed. This way, you have leverage in case anything goes wrong.
  • Ask for written specifications. They serve as specific guidelines that your contractor will follow in the duration of the project.
  • A good architect must be able to present schedules. These are sets of detailed information about specific parts of the house. It contains every little detail like openings, types of windows, materials, etc. There can be a schedule for appliances, utilities fixtures, room finish, and cabinets, among others. They are of great help during the entire construction activity.

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