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How to Make a House Plan to Avoid Dispute

Legal cases involving contractors or builders and their clients may be a simple case of misunderstanding. Once a case has been filed, things could get stressful and costly.

However, you can avoid these disputes if you have an excellent house plan.

Keep a Detailed List of Specifications

A house plan which is very vague leaves a lot of room for interpretation, and may later on, conflicts between you and your contractor. A good house schedule would take note of all details. If for example you want to install some fixtures in a certain room, then write down the model, color, dimensions and other pertinent data. Put this in tabular form for easy reference and make sure that you supply copies to your contractor and subcontractors.


A lot of misunderstandings can be avoided when you have the person right in front of you to talk to. Keep a record of your agreements. Your notes would come in handy later on when one of you says 'You did not say that'. To iron clad any arrangements, attach a letter saying that the other party must respond if he finds anything in your notes disagreeable.

Make sure that you also save all contact numbers of your contractor and subcontractors.

Keep a Record of the Job's Progress

Keep a journal of events that happened, especially when delays or absence occurs. Use a camera or video recorder to keep track of each important progression. The most critical areas are usually those where fixtures and structures are bolted or nailed together. Organize your photographs in an album where you could write down important notes on the side.

In case your contractor becomes a no-show, record this in your journal as well. Send him a letter through certified mail and with a request for a signed receipt.

Take Note of Changes

Take note of particular changes in the house plan, why they happened and any adjustments in cost and time due to the change.

In essence, a good house plan would put every transaction and job progression in black and white. Do this, and you will save yourself a lot of possible trouble.