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House Plans for Smaller Homes

Follow these tips for a house plan for a small home.

Plan in Detail

Make a schedule of all rooms accompanied by detailed descriptions. A good schedule would include fixture model numbers, finishing, dimensions and all special notes and reminders for each room.

Plan According to Needs

Do not approve a blueprint before thinking about the activities that you usually do. Is your house the usual place for big family gatherings? If so, how much space would you allot for the kitchen or living room? A room should also be planned considering the size of the furniture that you intend to keep.

Plan for the Future

It always pays to plan ahead. High ceilings could give the impression of more space, but would you still appreciate them when you are old or in a wheelchair? Make kitchen shelves or bookshelves easy to reach.

Also, consider the time when you will have grandkids visiting. As your family becomes bigger, dining areas and other entertainment areas should be accessible.

Plan for Comfort and Privacy

Install ceiling fans to regulate temperature conveniently. You can also install phones in the most visited parts of your house, or better yet, go cordless.

Another good tip for your house plan is to put the master bedroom and guest rooms at opposite ends of the house. This would give you the privacy that you need.

Utilize Space Wisely

You can actually have a bigger space if you utilize and make the outdoors a part of your house plan. Large windows will give a feeling of spaciousness. Likewise, higher ceilings will also give the impression of space, but make sure that they will be also convenient for you to clean. Get rid of unnecessary bulky furniture and clutter.

Have Room for Storage

No matter how small a house plan is, you should still consider storage area. Ask a builder for the possibility of putting storage trusses above the garage or an attic above the main house area. These are affordable and give you the valuable space that you need.

With a detailed house plan, most problems in building a home would be eliminated.

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